One day, a client decided to call a new massage therapist for an appointment. The client had heard about this massage therapist from her coworker, and when her back began aching from a recent workout, she went ahead and made the appointment.

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When she arrived at the massage therapist’s office, the client was looking forward to an hour of pure relaxation and pain relief. She was instructed to undress and get under the covers on the massage table. The massage therapist lived up to her reputation, as the client’s muscles began to relax and the pain melted away.

After the session was over, the client thanked the massage therapist and paid her, then went home to relax. About an hour after she got home, the client began to itch all over. Looking in the mirror, she noticed red bumps forming all over her skin. Panicked, she had no idea why she was breaking out in hives.

She decided it could only be one thing—the lubricant used by the massage therapist during the recent session. This client hated to complain to the kind massage therapist, but she needed to know what was in the massage cream, so she called the practitioner and found out. It turns out the massage cream contained an ingredient that caused a severe allergic reaction in the client.

Fortunately for this massage therapist, the client did not wish to file a clam against her. The client only wanted her hives to go away, and they eventually did disappear. However, the client never did return to that massage therapist—or any other—because of this one bad experience.

The massage therapist in the above scenario truly was fortunate, for a client could have filed a claim for damage due to the product used in the session room that caused this allergic reaction. In such a situation, touch therapists are wise to have massage therapy liability insurance in place.

With a strong massage therapy liability insurance policy, a massage therapist or bodyworker would be covered for the above scenario under the component of the policy called product liability insurance. This protects massage therapists and bodyworkers against client claims of injury or damage due to a product used in the session.

This is only one of millions of possible scenarios that make securing massage therapy liability insurance absolutely crucial. For a minimal annual fee, massage therapists and bodyworkers can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing they are protected from such unexpected circumstances.

Of course, beyond signing up for a high quality massage therapy liability insurance program, touch therapists also need to take preventive steps for the safety of each client. The massage therapists mentioned above should have asked her new client to fill out an intake form, which would have illuminated the allergy and allowed the touch therapist to pick a different massage lubricant for that session.

However, massage therapy liability insurance also will protect you against those scenarios for which you cannot prepare, such as a random slip, trip or fall on your property.