Associated Massage & Bodywork Professionals is the largest massage membership organization in the US.

Formed in 1987, Associated Massage & Bodywork Professionals (ABMP) aims to serve those who work in the massage, bodywork and somatic therapy professions. The main reason ABMP was founded was to provide touch therapists of all kinds with an effective service organization, according to the ABMP website.

The focus of Associated Massage & Bodywork Professionals includes the promotion of ethical practices, enhancing the acceptance of touch therapy as a profession, and protecting the rights of professional massage therapy and bodywork practitioners. Another key focus of ABMP has been working to secure the recognition of massage therapy by the medical profession.

This more clinical focus goes hand-in-hand with the other goals of ABMP, as greater recognition of the benefits and efficacy of massage therapy within the medical community can lead to greater respect for professional touch therapists, as well as more reimbursement by health insurance companies.

Associated Massage & Bodywork Professionals also strives to stay open to the many diverse forms of touch therapy and bodywork, not only supporting members who practice traditional massage therapy, but other forms of bodywork, as well. Today, ABMP counts more than 80,000 members, making Associated Massage & Bodywork Professionals the largest massage membership organization in the country.

ABMP is aware that many massage, bodywork and somatic therapy professionals do not work standard full-time hours, so the organization also focuses on addressing the needs of these part-time service providers. Associated Massage & Bodywork Professionals reports that the majority of touch therapists in the United States work less than 20 hours a week and a large number of them have other part-time work.

According to the group’s website, ABMP is owned by its employees. The site states that Associated Massage & Bodywork Professionals is owned directly by 24 people who currently work or have worked for the organization and indirectly by all other staff members. These other ABMP staff members are given the opportunity to own shares of Associated Massage & Bodywork Professionals, once they have been on the job for a certain period of time.

There are several benefits massage therapists and bodyworkers receive when they pay the fees required to become members of ABMP. Among these benefits is a subscription to the organization’s magazine, which is published six times a year, as well the ABMP newsletter. Other benefits include access to a program for building websites, along with access to an online education center, client treatment forms and discounts for members.

Besides offering the above benefits and tools to all members, Associated Massage & Bodywork Professionals also provides massage insurance coverage.

The company’s website reports that Associated Massage & Bodywork insurance includes legal defense coverage, coverage at multiple work sites for numerous positions, as well as coverage for hot stone massage and vacuum cupping.

NOTE: The information in this comparison has been gathered from the websites of each organization and other third party sources. No guarantee or assurance is made by MMIP as to the accuracy or completeness of this information.

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