American Massage Council (AMC) has been working to supply professionals in the field of massage therapy with malpractice insurance. The AMC is based in Santa Ana, California. Originally, the group was formed to provide malpractice insurance to chiropractic doctors and massage therapists. However, in order to offer more focused services to massage therapists, the AMC insurance program split off in 2000 to solely serve massage therapists. As of 2010, the AMC had more than 21,000 members.

The American Massage Council website states that the AMC staff has more than 50 years of combined experience in malpractice protection, from massage therapy defense and massage therapy practice management to massage therapy ethics and risk management. The mission of the American Massage Council is to provide massage malpractice insurance to its massage therapist members. The professional liability coverage limits provided by American Massage Council insurance are $1 million dollar per single claim or $3 million dollars for total claims within a one year period.

The American Massage Council is based in Santa Ana, CA.

According to a 2010 report, the American Massage Council also makes AMC insurance available for premises liability, along with hot stone and lava stone massage, hydrotherapy, taping and company. There also are AMC insurance programs available for practitioners of reiki, Rolfing, and craniosacral therapy. Still, the main thrust of the American Massage Council insurance program remains malpractice insurance for massage therapists.

The American Massage Council also offers a different insurance program for massage schools. The AMC massage school professional liability insurance program is designed to protect the massage school, massage school faculty and massage school students against a malpractice claim. The council reports that this AMC insurance coverage protects all potential defendants in a school malpractice cause of action under one policy.

The pricing for the AMC insurance program for massage schools is $495 per year for smaller schools and $995 per year for larger schools. This American Massage Council insurance coverage for massage schools includes professional liability coverage, premises liability coverage and products liability coverage.

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