Do Massage Therapists Need Insurance?

Many massage therapists who work in massage franchises, spas or medical practices believe they are covered under their employer’s insurance but, unfortunately, this is not always the case. In many cases, the business’ insurance plan will only provide coverage for claims filed against the business itself. If a client files a claim against you personally, then, you may be left unprotected, even if your employer was insured at the time of the alleged incident.

Moreover, if you are named in a lawsuit filed against your work establishment, and you are not covered under your employer’s insurance policy, you may still be left unprotected. In other words, you will be forced to pay your own share of the settlement, court fees and defense costs, while your employer receives financial protection from the business’ insurance provider.

Similarly, a massage school’s insurance program may only cover claims or lawsuits filed against the school itself. If a claim is personally filed against any of the school’s students, however, they may be left unprotected. Because of this, it’s vital for both professional and student massage therapists to obtain personal liability coverage.

Sometimes, the owner of a massage spa or school may not even be aware of the limitations or exclusions of their own insurance plan. For instance, some policies may exclude coverage for various massage techniques, such as hot stone therapy. Most policies also exclude coverage for sessions performed outside of the spa or school. It’s imperative that you ask either your employer or their insurance carrier about these provisions; otherwise, you may not have coverage when you need it.

Personal Liability Insurance

The only way to ensure your own protection in the event of a client mishap is to purchase personal liability insurance. Massage Magazine Insurance Plus (MMIP) offers the most comprehensive and affordable personal liability coverage in the bodywork industry!

While employer or school-provided insurance may only cover in-office or on-campus massage sessions, MMIP follows you everywhere you go! Plus, we cover more than 350 massage modalities and techniques, including hot stone and cupping therapies. We also cover multiple other health and wellness disciplines, such as yoga, Pilates and dance, all under the same policy!

Employer or school insurance may not cover:

  • Individual employees or students
  • Certain massage techniques, such as hot stone massage or cupping
  • Massage sessions performed outside of the workplace

Massage Magazine Insurance Plus covers:

  • Individual employees or students
  • 350+ massage techniques, including hot stone and cupping therapies
  • Massage sessions performed anywhere in the U.S.

MMIP’s professional and student levels of membership provide both current and prospective touch therapists with the personal coverage they need to sustain their practice. Don’t just get insured. Get Insurance Plus.

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