As a massage therapist or bodyworker, you most likely know all too well the effects that stress can have on a person’s health and overall wellness. Stress can creep into our lives from so many different directions, such as work, relationships, physical health and especially those scenarios that seem to be out of our control completely.

Regardless of the source of one’s stress, the consequences can range from headaches and negative changes in mood to tense muscles and decreased performance at work. These are only a few of the symptoms of high levels of stress in a person’s life. Obviously, it is important to keep stress in check whenever possible.

Touch therapists, who typically work to alleviate stress—be it mental, physical or, frequently, both—will want to serve as examples of human beings living a healthy lifestyle, a lifestyle with as little unnecessary stress as possible. A byproduct of “walking the walk” will be massage therapists and bodyworkers who are better able to be totally present with their clients and often more effective as well.

For folks in the field of healing touch, one of the main sources of stress may be the business side of massage therapy and bodywork. Few people become professional touch therapists because they love business. They do it because they love working with others to improve their health and wellness—basically, a large number of massage therapists and bodyworkers thrive on making people feel better.

Therefore, the business side of running a hands on practice can sometimes seem daunting or stressful to touch therapists. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways to take much of the stress out of running a business, and restore precious peace of mind.

One such method is taking the time to sign up for a solid massage therapy liability insurance program. Such an insurance policy will require a minimal annual fee, which is usually only a couple hundred dollars. For this reasonable price, you will effectively be providing protection to your practice in the case of an array of unexpected scenarios—those scenarios that seem to be out of your control completely.

Massage therapy liability insurance will provide coverage and protection for your practice against malpractice claims, general liability claims, product liability claims, theft, accidental damage and more.

As you can see, signing up for such a policy will allow you to cross off a whole list of potential stressors, knowing you have a “safety net” in place for any of these circumstances. There is a good reason why purchasing liability insurance is one of the first steps people take when it comes to opening a business, whether it be a car dealership or a massage therapy practice.

In fact, signing up for massage therapy liability insurance may even be a requirement in your state or region, if the field of massage and bodywork is regulated by a governing board. In addition, most of the major massage franchises require their employs to possess massage therapy liability insurance as well.

Make a smart business move—and a move that will likely remove quite a bit of stress. Enroll in a massage therapy liability insurance program today.