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All-inclusive health coach liability insurance coverage for as low as $0.39/day

Now Introducing: Coverage for Health & Nutrition Experts

Massage Magazine Insurance Plus is proud to announce that we now offer all-inclusive liability insurance for health coaches, nutritionists, and dietitians by selecting 'Dietitian / Health Coach' at checkout.

Covers online sessions

Includes 1 Month of BetterHelp Online Therapy

Over 450 modalities covered in one policy

Practice in all 50 states with portable coverage

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We work hard to make insurance as easy and comprehensive as possible. However, you must select 'Dietician / Health Coach' at checkout to ensure that you are fully protected for this particular profession.

Selecting this will cover you for everything else you see listed in the drop down and more.

See our full list of covered modalities here.

Three Health Coach Insurance Pricing Options To Choose From

When it comes to insurance, having options is always a good thing. That's why we offer three policy options that are identical in coverage, but differ in price based on your career needs. No matter which policy option you choose, you can rest assured that you are getting A+ rated coverage.



Cost to policyholder: $0.46/day



Cost to policyholder: $0.41/day

 Pros who work less than 10 hours per week



Cost to policyholder: $0.39/day

Lock-in a $145/yr price for 2 years!

Liability Insurance Limits

1 Additional Insured: $10 | Unlimited Additional Insureds: $30

Some massage insurance policies will offer different limits based on your full-time or part-time status. This would mean that if you are a part-time massage therapist, you may have less coverage than a full-time one.

We don’t believe in offering different coverage limits so all our policies have the same limits. Full-time, part-time, or a student, all members enjoy the same great coverage. Our massage insurance program prices are based on how you will use the coverage and decide to pay.

Professional Liability Insurance: Also known as "malpractice insurance" or "errors and omissions insurance," covers claims related to professional negligence, including instances like burns from hot stones or injuries during a deep tissue massage.

General Liability Insurance: Provides protection from claims that may not directly stem from your professional services. For example, if a client simply tripped and fell on your property, this coverage would protect you from the financial fallout of the lawsuit.

Provides protection against claims related to injuries or damages caused by a product used in your treatment, such as if a client had an allergic reaction from the oil, lotion or other similar product.

This coverage can help protect you if you’re accused of libel, slander, or false advertising.

A type of insurance that provides protection for those who rent or lease a workspace. This type of coverage offers protection against any damage that occurs to the rented or leased premises as a result of the therapist's business activities or actions of their clients.

Provides protection against identity theft and threat incidents that would put personal information at risk. Typically includes credit monitoring, dark web scans, and recovery services if your information is jeopardized.

This provides protection for vital equipment that is stolen or damaged due to theft. If your massage table is stolen, or was damaged while someone attempted theft, stolen equipment coverage will provide coverage for the cost of the replacing or repairing the item.

Do Health Coaches Need Liability Insurance?

As a health coach, it’s recommended that you protect yourself and your clients with liability insurance coverage.

Liability insurance provides protection against accidents, injuries, lawsuits, and property damages caused by you or your clients that arise during the course of your work. With health coach liability insurance, you can be confident knowing that expenses like legal fees, settlement costs, and more will be taken care of.

Coverage Includes Exclusive Membership Benefits

When you sign up for health coach insurance from Massage Magazine Insurance, you'll receive all-inclusive access to our uniquely curated membership package which includes over $1,800 in discounts to leading brands, products and software, access to NCBTMB & FSMTB-approved continuing education courses and more.


Over 100,000 Professionals Have Chosen Us

Massage Magazine Insurance has become the preferred choice for over 100,000 professionals in the health and wellness industry. Our policy offers the industry-recommended coverage--occurrence form coverage with individual aggregate limits--and includes coverage for a range of health and wellness careers, such as massage therapy, yoga instruction, and health coaching.

We offer occurrence form coverage

Our policy has "occurrence form coverage" which is the industry-preferred coverage type because you are guaranteed to be protected against claims that occurred while your policy was in effect, even if the claim arises after your policy has expired. 

Other insurance companies offer "claims made coverage", which means your policy has to be active when a claim is made in order to be protected. If your policy lapses, they will not cover you.

We offer individual aggregate limits

Our health coach insurance policy has "individual aggregate limits", which means the $8 million in coverage listed on your policy is reserved for you alone.

Other insurance companies offer "shared aggregate limits", which means your coverage amount is shared among everyone who is insured with that company. This creates a risk of little to zero coverage being available to you if you need it.

We cover over 450 modalities & disciplines

Our liability insurance policy was designed to cover dual-practitioners in the health & wellness industry, for no additional cost. 

  • Asian Bodywork
  • Dietitians
  • Esthetics
  • Yoga Instructors
  • Massage Therapy
  • Health & Nutrition Coaching

However, there are some practices that our policy does not cover.
Click here to learn more.





 Pros who work less than 10 hours per week



Lock-in a $145/yr price for 2 years!

What Our Members Have To Say

The opportunity to be insured by MMIP saved me $1,300 per year and helped make it possible to run my own Wellness Center with no liability concerns. I am so grateful to have this insurance option! My stress over insurance expense and coverage is completely gone. Thank you MMIP!

Debbie Merrick

Reiki Practitioner

I love being a Massage Magazine Insurance Plus member because they are an expert leader in the industry of Health and Wellness. Their insurance supports all parts of my business from massage to yoga to Reiki energy balancing and even waxing!

Delaney Outlaw

Massage Therapist

Massage Magazine Insurance Plus gives me a very broad range of coverage for a great price. Plus MMIP's customer service team have an amazing customer service attitude. I feel totally protected in this in this new massage environment.

Gary Rosenthal

Mindbody Therapist

I was very happy when I discovered Massage Magazine Insurance and found out that I no longer need to buy separate insurance for the yoga classes I teach. Now I am covered for my yoga classes and CranioSacral therapy classes all at one low price!

Janet Berryhill

CranioSacral Therapist

Health Coach Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

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Does health coach insurance cover slip and fall lawsuits?

Whether I work a a hospital or a client’s home, does my policy protect me?

How much does health coach insurance cost?

Is liability insurance worth it?

What types of services does health coach insurance cover?

I work for someone else, why do I need my own insurance?

Am I covered internationally by my policy?

Daily payments are not available. The daily costs represent how much the annual rates would cost the policyholder per day.