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1. Configure Your Liability PolicyEdit

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Select your main profession and add any additional practices or disciplines to your policy.

Select all that apply. If you practice Yoga Therapy, you must select it as your professional or other discipline here.

Yoga Therapists Acknowledgement

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School Policy Requirements

  1. Only students enrolled in their initial license or certification course for the profession selected as primary modality qualify for a student policy.
  2. If you are not a student on the effective date of coverage, all insurance is null and void and no claims will be paid.
  3. Our student policies will only cover the discipline you are in school for when your coverage begins.

Microblading Professional Acknowledgement:

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* I represent the following:
  1. I am a licensed beauty professional
  2. I have completed a 5-day training course
  3. I have practiced on 5 live models during training
  4. I have obtained a certificate of completion
  5. It is my sole responsibility to ensure that all equipment being used is properly maintained and sanitized.

Add Additional Businesses to Your Policy

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Please click the “Add Additional Businesses” link below to add additional businesses to your policy. Any additional businesses you add will protect them from any liability that might arise from your work. As an example, if you’re an independent trainer going into different gyms to train, you’ll likely want to add these places of work to your policy. Cost per additional business: $10 for 1 year and $15.95 for a 2 year policy.

Unlimited Additional Businesses Package

Throughout the span of your policy, you may likely have to add additional businesses. The cost of adding new businesses can add up. Why not save this expense by purchasing the Unlimited Additional Businesses Package?

Cost per Additional Insureds: $10 for 1 year and $15.95 for 2 year policy.

Continuing Education

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Add a subscription to Massage Magazine, the trusted source for massage therapists for over 30 years, at a discounted rate only for Insurance Plus members.

2. Your InformationEdit

Policy Holder Information

Please enter your name EXACTLY how it will appear on your certificate of insurance. *All items marked with an asterisk are required fields.

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Insurance Plus Application - Credit Cards Accepted Insurance Plus Application - Credit Cards Accepted Insurance Plus Application - Credit Cards Accepted Insurance Plus Application - Credit Cards Accepted

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Authorization and Disclosure

Massage Magazine membership will be effective upon the effective date entered at the top of the form. Membership term is 12 or 24 months depending on your policy.

Massage Magazine is not responsible for discontinuing any payroll/credit card allotment process you may have with any other Professional Liability provider.

I represent that the above statements are true and no material facts have been suppressed or misstated. As of this date, I have no knowledge of any allegation, claim or lawsuit or any act, error or omission, which might reasonably be expected to result in a claim or lawsuit. I further represent that, to the extent required, I am licensed to practice in accordance with all relevant federal, state and local requirements and my license is current and active. I understand and agree that I am covered for the modalities listed on the Insurance Plus website only to the extent that they are included in the scope of work as defined by the federal, state or local jurisdiction that regulates my professional activities. I acknowledge that the Effective Date of coverage must be either the application submission date or a future date. Applications cannot be submitted with an Effective Date of coverage that precedes the date of application. In addition, I acknowledge that professional services rendered under the influence of drugs or alcohol are excluded from coverage. I understand that if I am practicing Yoga Therapy, I have selected it as my profession or other discipline above.

In order to be covered for Stand-up Paddleboard Yoga(SUP), I represent the following:

  • I currently hold and maintain a valid CPR certification.
  • A Liability Waiver is utilized for each individual engaging in activity.
  • Paddleboards or platforms must be secured via an anchor in any body of water.

Upon submission of this application, your policy becomes effective on the date selected above. Your payment will be reflected on your credit card statement this month.

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