Consider the products and tools you use in your practice as a professional massage therapist or bodyworker. Depending on the types of techniques you employ in your hands on work, the list may be quite long or fairly short. Either way, it is crucial that the tools and products of your trade are top notch and highly dependable, in order to ensure each client’s safety, as well as your own.
One item that nearly all practitioners possess is a massage table, and possibly a massage chair as well. This is likely one of the central fixtures of your practice, and it is worthy of a bit of investment. Professional massage therapists and bodyworkers need to know their massage table or chair will hold up under the weight of repeated clients and the pressure of whatever techniques may be applied.

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Another product that may be nearly ubiquitous among massage therapists and bodyworkers is massage lubricant. Whether you choose to use massage cream, lotion, oil or gel, you need to know that the product you are placing on clients’ skin contains safe, high quality ingredients.

These are only two examples of the more universal products or items that professional massage therapists and bodyworkers may use on daily basis inside the session room. By insisting on quality when it comes to the tools of your trade, you can help keep your clients safe from scenarios such as a table tipping over or a massage lubricant causing allergic reactions.

However, even when you go to great lengths to stock your practice with all the best, from your massage table and lubricants to your linens and heat lamps, there is still the rare chance that a client’s safety could be compromised. It is because of this rare chance that massage therapists and bodyworkers need massage therapists insurance.

With thorough massage therapists insurance, you will have what is called product liability insurance. This portion of your coverage is designed to protect you and your practice in case a client claims damage or injury due to a product used in the session room. As the list of products you use grows longer, the need for massage therapists insurance—the product liability coverage it provides—would seem to increase.

Of course, there are many other reasons to sign up for massage insurance, in addition to the product liability protection. Besides this important form of coverage, massage therapists insurance should also offer malpractice liability insurance and general liability insurance.

Malpractice, or professional, liability coverage should protect you in case a client ever decides to sue for damage or injury due to a perceived lack of skill or competence on your part as the professional massage therapist or bodyworker. General liability insurance, on the other hand, is a form of coverage that kicks in if a client ever has an accident on your property, such as a slip, trip or fall, and files a claim against you for the damage or injury.