Legal Reasons Why Massage Insurance is a Necessity for Therapists

Massage insurance: why does a professional massage therapist need it? Well many states require it for you to practice your profession*. But even more importantly, we in the United States live in a litigious society. Suing is a way of life today.

Clients have filed claims for bruised ribs, backs, necks, hamstrings and even toes. Claims also have been filed and payments received from insurance companies for clients who proved to be allergic to lotions, lubricants, creams and analgesics. In one of the cases where a payment was made, the massage therapist had not obtained in writing that the client had a history of being highly allergic to certain creams.

Liability insurance only 159 image

Liability insurance is an inexpensive operating expense that can be deducted from your state and federal taxes. This type of insurance is inexpensive because it usually costs less than $200 a year and protects you from a potential lawsuit that could put you out of business.

Would you forgo automobile insurance—even if it were legal to do so–because you believe you will never get into an accident? Equally, it is not wise to forgo liability insurance if you are a practicing massage therapist or bodyworker simply because you believe no client will ever make a claim of damage or injury and assume nothing bad will ever happen to your property or equipment.

With a high-quality massage insurance policy, you will get a full umbrella of coverage and protection for a variety of unforeseen accidents or litigious-minded clients. For example, the general liability insurance portion of the professional liability insurance policy will be in place to cover you if someone has an accident on your property, such as slipping on ice in the parking lot or a wet floor that was recently mopped.

A solid massage insurance program will also provide protection in the hard-to-imagine instance of a client filing suit against you for damage or injury. The malpractice coverage will be there in case the client claims the damage is due to incompetence or lack of skill on your part. The product liability insurance covers you in case a client claims damage came from a product you used on him or her in the session room, such as hot rocks or a particular lubricant.

Along with these crucial components of professional massage therapy liability insurance, you should be able to find a policy that offers even more. For instance, a top-notch program should offer reimbursement for lost or stolen work equipment. A high-quality program should also afford coverage in case any damage is done to your practice space, such as a hole in the wall created while moving around your massage table.

*States requiring massage insurance are: Alabama, Colorado, Indiana, Missouri, Massachusetts, South Dakota and Wisconsin.