Care about your clients, care about your career, insure to ensure a healthy business.
In the realm of massage, one encounters a wide variety of clients, all of whom have different needs. You prepare for the session as best you can, perhaps centering yourself through meditation or visualization. You have the tools you need for your specific client, and when that client enters the space, you use your experience and intuition to guide you, listening and responding to the feedback from your client.

You have brought yourself to this practice perhaps because you have a natural desire to be a healer, because you have a passion for it, or because you care about the wellness of others. As you care for others, you also demonstrate that you care well for yourself, being mindful of your posture, for instance, during the session. You have been thoughtful in selecting the nurturing elements of the space in which you practice, the music, the lighting and the subtle essences of scent. You have brought everything together for the session to make it the best experience possible for you and your client.

Because you care about positive client outcomes, you likely also care about the positive outcomes for other aspects of your massage business.  You demonstrate the fiscal responsibility that will lead to the economic vitality and growth of your massage therapy business.  You make sound financial investments as you plan for the future.  Massage insurance coverage is a vital part of that investment for the future. Securing massage insurance coverage can help protect those other investments. Even better, the cost of such coverage is relatively low.

Massage insurance coverage protects you against life’s unexpected moments.  Even one literal slip of a client can lead to a liability issue that is best managed in advance, through massage insurance, instead of retro-actively, through possible panic and subsequent scrambling to make amends for the situation. Managing risks for you and your client is another way to show you care about the outcomes in your career as a professional massage therapist. If you find a great massage insurance coverage policy, most likely the policy will include other coverage, including protection for ID theft, or lost or stolen equipment.

You have shown you care for others by choosing the massage therapy path for your career. Because you care about your personal business success, which will support you in this career choice, consider securing massage insurance coverage if you haven’t already. When all the elements are in place for a thriving massage business, you can guarantee yourself a long, happy life of doing what you love most.