It is not uncommon for a professional massage therapist or bodyworker to play a role in helping clients recover from an injury or accident. No matter if the damage was done in a car, on a sports field or simply getting up from a chair, touch therapists are there to relieve pain and speed healing, often working in conjunction with doctors and physical therapists to achieve results.
With such a helping and healing role in the lives of your clients, it certainly can be hard to understand why you, as a professional massage therapist or bodyworker, might ever need to worry about having massage therapy liability insurance. After all, you are there to help clients recover from damage or injury—not to cause any damage or injury.

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However, it is important to take a realistic look at your massage therapy or bodywork practice, viewing it as a business and an asset that should be protected against unexpected accidents or other harmful circumstances. Even if the chances of a ever client filing a claim against you seem to be slim to none, the fact is that you cannot predict the future.

Working with members of the public, there are many “moving parts” or variables to your practice. A new client could truly believe that something you did or used in the session room caused or exacerbated his or her pain. If that new client is so inclined, he or she may file a claim against you, and even if that claim is unfounded, you will have to see it through to that conclusion.

For these very basic reasons, it is crucial to possess massage therapy liability insurance. The peace of mind that comes with securing such a thorough safety net far outweighs the minimal annual fee that most massage therapy liability insurance programs require.

In fact, you should be able to find an incredibly high quality massage therapy liability insurance policy for less than a couple hundred dollars per year. You will likely find that this is a fee you can deduct on your taxes as well, given that it is a business expense.

You won’t find many places that do business with the public without liability insurance, and a massage therapy or bodywork practice is no different. With clients coming in and out of your practice on a daily basis, you need massage therapy liability insurance to provide protection and coverage for any possible accident or incident.

For instance, you never know when one of your clients might trip on the way into your session room and suffer a fall that causes injury. Even if there was no water or oil on the floor, no carpet or obstacle to trip over, that client may blame you and decide to file a claim against your practice.

In such an unpredictable scenario, you will be glad to have massage therapy liability insurance to provide protection. In this case, the general liability portion of your massage therapy liability insurance, or “slip and fall” insurance, would cover you and your practice.

This is but one example and one reason to secure massage therapy liability insurance as soon as possible. As you do a bit of research, you will find there are many other substantial benefits to having a high quality massage therapy liability insurance policy on your side.