Reiki Masters & Practitioners

Coverage that Empowers Your Practice

MASSAGE Magazine Insurance Plus offers Reiki practitioners access to A-rated liability insurance that gives you more than just dependable coverage at an affordable rate.

Covers online distance Reiki healing

Access free online continuing education

Over 415 modalities covered in one policy

Practice in all 50 states with portable coverage

Over $700 in Members Benefits Included

When you sign up with MASSAGE Magazine, you receive all-inclusive access to our uniquely curated membership package which includes discounts on your favorite massage brands, products and software, preferred group rates on additional insurance plans, unlimited NCBTMB-approved continuing education courses and more.

Why do Reiki Practitioners Need Liability Insurance?

Even though no, or minimal, touch may be involved in a Reiki session, liabilities still exist for practitioners. Whether you practice at your clients home, a spa, or online, MASSAGE Magazine's occurrence form coverage provides the peace of mind and protection you need.

Policy Options for Every Phase of Your Career

Our policy options are designed to cover massage therapists through every phase of their career, from school to practice building, and onto established practice growth.  



Lock-in a $139/yr price for 2 years!

Policy Highlights

  • Professional Liability: $2 Million per occurrence / $3 Million annual aggregate
  • Product Coverage: $2 Million annual aggregate
  • Identity Protection Coverage: $25,000
  • General Liability: $2 Million per occurrence / $3 Million annual aggregate
  • Damage to Rental Premises: $100,000
  • Stolen Equipment Coverage: $1,000 w/ a $250 deductible

Massage Modalities We Cover

MASSAGE Magazine automatically covers over 415 massage techniques and modalities including:

Energetic Transformation
Energy Balancing
Energy Healing Techniques

Energy Kinesiology
Equine Reiki
Chios Energy Healing

Sound Healing

What People Are Saying About MMIP

Great for my Reiki practice...
I have a mobile business, but I also work out of my home and this keeps me feeling safe and when I let clients know I’m insured, it lets them know I’m legitimate and serious about my business.


I'm an Energy Worker and a Reiki Practitioner...
I have peace of mind knowing that Massage Insurance Plus has me covered! I've had them from the beginning of my practice.


Quick enrollment & excellent coverage...
I just signed up after getting a thumbs-up from a colleague. She has had this insurance for years and swears by it. Signing up was a snap. Coverage will meet my needs for Reiki!



Rated Excellent by Trustpilot

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