You can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing all of these scenarios and so many more are covered by massage therapy liability insurance. You can breathe another sigh of relief knowing that this peace of mind should only cost you a couple hundred dollars per year.

As you can see with this small listing of basic examples, there are very good reasons to get massage therapy liability insurance. Even if you are completely sure no client of yours would ever claim injury or damage due to your work in the session room, or any one of your products, you can never be certain when a slip, trip or fall might occur on your property.

Another key factor to keep in mind is that accidents do happen, and massage therapists and bodyworkers are only human. It is possible that you may miss important allergy or prior injury information on your client’s intake form, or even turn the heat up too high on therapeutic rocks and cause a burn.

Of course, no massage therapist or bodyworker can imagine ever hurting a client. After all, this is healing work, not an invasive procedure. However, it is important to remember that a client may claim he or she was hurt during a massage therapy or bodywork session, even if that was not the case.

Translated for massage therapists and bodyworkers, liability insurance is there to cover you in case a client gets injured on your property, in your session room, or as the result of something that happened during the session—an injury that was exacerbated, an allergy that was triggered, and so on.

Fortunately, once you become willing to find out what liability insurance is and why you need it, you will see it is not as scary and confusing—or expensive—as you may have guessed when it was still a frightening “unknown.” For starters, liability insurance is what people get when they do business with the public. It is insurance to cover nearly anything that may happen to that client when he or she is at your place of business, as well as anything that may happen to that client as a result of the business you do with him or her.

After all, the majority of hands-on healers did not enter this field because they love the business side of life, which includes handling insurance. However, massage therapists and bodyworkers are among the huge number of professionals who work day in and day out with the pubic and, therefore, need a solid liability insurance policy.

Much like taking a car to the mechanic, folks frequently wonder whether they are being scammed or charged too much money by the insurance company, and even whether they truly need the insurance in the first place. For practitioners in the field of massage therapy and bodywork, this may ring all too true.

The unknown so often seems to be far more frightening and stressful than nearly anything known. When it comes to the world of insurance, this seemingly complex topic can certainly pack a frightening punch—mostly because insurance is full of unknowns for those who are not insurance professionals.