Massage Insurance Guidelines for Alaska


Being a massage therapist may not seem to be a career that may result in the injury or death of a client; however, stranger things have happened. Medical malpractice or liability insurance has been most commonly used by emergency room doctors and physicians who run the risk of a single mistake costing a patient their life or use of a limb. Consequently, these doctors are required to have insurance to protect themselves and their practices from being sued in the event that something goes wrong on the operating table. For the massage professional, having insurance may not seem to be important; however, Alaska LMT insurance will protect the therapist in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

Many states require that therapists have massage coverage to open a practice; however, Alaska does not require liability protection in order to become an LMT. However, many potential clients are more likely to select a massage therapy practitioner that has insurance coverage for the peace of mind. When clients know that the therapist takes his or her massage practice seriously, this is likely to result in a more profitable and long-lasting career for the massage practitioner. The exact cost of an insurance policy for massage is dependent on the company selected and the state where you practice; however, the expense is trivial compared to the monetary consequences of being sued.

Contrary to almost every other state, Alaska does not require that touch therapists have a license to practice. Rumors are rampant that political figures are going to advocate regulating massage therapy; however, as of today nothing has come to fruition. Despite the state of Alaska not requiring individuals to have a massage license, many towns in the state do require certification. For example, the town of Valdez requires that massage practitioners submit an application and license fee, along with evidence that the therapist has completed training at a massage school to become eligible to practice.

Just as having insurance coverage in Alaska can go a long way in securing new and continuing clients, so too can having massage certification and licensing. Massage is a specialized practice with many different types of therapies, from hot stone to rehabilitative. Consequently, the more educated and experienced the professional bodyworker, the more qualified he or she will be to potential clients. Prior to opening a massage therapy practice in Alaska be sure to check with the local municipality to determine whether or not you need to be licensed. If required, massage schools are located throughout the state. Stay ahead of your competition in Alaska by opting to purchase liability insurance and becoming licensed as a massage professional.

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