Massage Insurance Guidelines for Arizona

As doctors in Arizona realize the benefits of massage therapy, they are recommending more of their patients see a massage practitioner. While this is a good thing for practitioners, it also means that people with more serious injuries are now seeking out professional bodyworkers for treatment. With these serious injuries comes a very real risk that a person could exacerbate an existing injury while getting a massage, potentially making the therapist liable. In order to prevent injury claims that could possibly ruin a massage therapy practice, it is a good idea to get an insurance policy for massage.


While an LMT is not required to carry insurance for a license in Arizona, this insurance can bring peace of mind that a therapist is protected should an injury or other unforeseen problem occur. This means that a massage professional can take on more challenging clients with more serious injuries, helping a therapist grow his or her practice with confidence. It also is a big selling point for the touch therapist; advertising that you have massage coverage in Arizona means that patients who may be skeptical or fear injury know that, should a problem arise, they will be covered. And, should you apply for a job as an associate with a larger massage business, having this insurance will be a big selling point on your resume.

Getting a massage therapist license in Arizona requires much course work and much practice time. It requires graduation from an accredited massage therapy school with 700 hours of instruction. These schools can be expensive, and the time spent earning this certification can be very time consuming and arduous. If just one injury occurs, it can torpedo an entire practice, ending what could otherwise be a lucrative career doing a job that you love. If even one claim is filed against you, the professional liability policy will easily pay for itself. With so much at stake, it just makes sense to protect yourself and your practice.

This extremely affordable insurance is certainly a good decision for any massage practitioner in Arizona. With liability insurance, a massage professional will be covered no matter what problems may arise. This will give you the confidence to take on any client and any type of massage therapy they may want. To discuss your insurance options and to find the perfect policy for your practice, contact us today about insurance for massage in Arizona! You will certainly be glad that you did.


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Licensing Info

Number of credentialed practitioners in this state: 9,881

Phone: (602) 542-8604

Web Site:

Required Education: 700 hours

Written or Practical Exam: None

Exam Administered: NCETMB or MBLEx

CEUs: Required 25 every 2 years