Arkansas Massage Liability Insurance Guidelines

Whether you’re a massage therapy student, teacher, or practitioner in Arkansas, liability insurance is a very important insurance to carry. Like any other profession that deals with public health, therapeutic massage is inherently risky. You’re always involved with people on a physical basis. While you may be very skilled and careful, situations that make a recipe for a lawsuit can arise. Claims running into many thousands of dollars in damages and legal fees can be made against you and your business. Without proper insurance to cover legal defenses and any judgment or settlement determined as a result of a lawsuit, you are very vulnerable. But you can protect yourself and your reputation by taking up quality massage practitioner insurance.


Arkansas Massage Therapist Licensure Requirements

Under Arkansas law, a massage professional must be licensed and certified before he/she can legally practice massage in the state. Applicants must undergo at least 500 hours of supervised course of instruction at an accredited school in the state. They are also required to take and pass a nationally recognized exam – MBLEx and the Arkansas Law Exam. Licensees are required to renew their licenses biennially. A minimum of 18 continuing education hours are required for the license renewal.

Insurance: Benefits for Massage Practitioners

In Arkansas, it’s not mandatory for massage therapists to carry insurance. But it’s important for you to realize that a client could sue for injury or damage, even though the possibility remains rare. You can think of it much like car insurance; while there’s a big chance you’ll drive all year without encountering an accident, if do have accident you’ll want and need coverage. The chance of a client filing a claim against you and your business are rare, but that doesn’t negate the fact that it could happen. You need to get coverage in case a costly, unexpected accident happens to take place. Remember, just because you don’t perform any kind of invasive techniques like other healthcare professionals, doesn’t mean you cannot be sued. The great thing about massage insurance is that it’s quite affordable. You can get an excellent professional insurance policy for as low as only a few hundred dollars every year. This is a small price to pay to enjoy greater peace of mind, knowing that you’re adequately covered just in case. Furthermore, the cost of coverage is often tax deductible, as a business expense. While the odds of claims being filed against you and your practice remain low, it’s not worth taking the risk, especially when the cost of coverage is so low.


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