Delaware Massage Liability Insurance Guidelines


Like in most other states, although you do have to be licensed in order to practice in Delaware, you do not have to hold any liability insurance or Delaware massage liability insurance policies in order to practice. Due to the fact that there are many insurers that offer coverage, if you are one of the more savvy massage therapists, you’ll decide to buy bodyworker’s insurance coverage even though you do not need it. You can find great rates and top coverage options when you compare what is available to you in terms of coverage and the types of policies you can choose from. You can get professional liability coverage, and you can also get general liability protection (covering “slip and fall” injuries and accidents). You can find equipment coverage and rental damage coverage, as well. You can protect your entire practice for a low rate when you compare the costs of insurance for LMTs before choosing a policy and an insurer.

In order to become licensed to practice in the state, there are different requirements in terms of the minimum number of hours that you have to complete at an accredited school. For a CMT, 300 hours of schooling have to be completed prior to sitting in for the licensing exam. 200 hours are required as a temporary CMT, and 500 hours are going to be required for those who want to become an LMT. So, in addition to becoming licensed, you have to know how much you are willing to put in, and what you can complete, in order to finish the required hours of schooling.

The licensing exam, once your hours are completed, is the NCETMB. Every 2 years, it is required for all licensed therapists to renew their license, at a rate of $118. And, 12 hours of CEUs are required for a CMT, and 24 hours are required annually if you are an LMT. Depending on your license and title, the requirements will vary, as will the rates, the number, and the type of courses you are going to have to complete on an annual basis.

When you are selecting a massage therapist insurance policy, as a licensed therapist, you have to know what kind of coverage you want, as well as the limits. At a minimum, most therapists are going to buy $1,000,000 in liability coverage, as this will handle most of the claims that come in against them. If you run a larger practice, it is good practice to hold other types of protection ad coverage as well, including slip and fall or personal injury protection. And, rental and equipment coverage are also available to therapists, when comparing the rates and types of policies.

Although it is not a requirement in the state, it is a good idea to consider getting a massage liability policy. Be sure to compare the rates for top coverage. You are not only going to protect your name as a therapist, you’ll also provide peace of mind to your clients and yourself that you have minimized as much risk as possible in your practice.


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Licensing Law:

Required Education: 300 hours for CMT/200 hours for Temporary CMT/500 hours for LMT

Written or Practical Exam: Written or Practical

Exam Administered: NCETMB

CEUs: Required 12 every 2 years for CMT/24 every 2 years for LMT