Iowa Massage Liability Insurance Guidelines

iowaAlthough there are no current laws or regulations requiring licensed therapists to carry an Iowa massage insurance policy, it is worth the cost to any therapist. Not only does it lessen your risk when operating a massage studio, it is going to help protect you against certain liabilities that a licensed therapist may encounter. A great insurance policy is not only going to protect you from certain liabilities, it is also going to protect you against stolen goods by reimbursing you for the costs, or at least by reimbursing up to a certain dollar amount, depending on the value of the items that are stolen.

Licensing requirements – To work as a massage therapy professional in Iowa, applicants are required to first complete the 500 hour required coursework, at a licensed massage course or school. Upon completing the minimum required hours, applicants must pass either the NCETM/TMB or MBLEx, in order to receive their license. Once you pass, the state of Iowa will certify the individual as a massage therapist. The exam is a 125 question, multiple choice exam, which applicants are going to complete on computer; you are allotted 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete the questions on the exam. Applicants whose second language is English, can request an extended period of time to complete the exam, but they must submit this information prior to applying to sit in for the exam.

Other information for Iowa therapists – As a licensed massage therapist in Iowa, it is a requirement to have your license renewed every 2 years. The exam that you take will cover the laws, rules, and regulations in massage therapy, not only the type of practice, or techniques that should be used in practice. So, all applicants have to attend a certified institution, in order to receive proper instruction and guidance in all aspects of being a therapist, or running a therapy studio. The only requirement to being a licensed touch therapist, is to pass the required exam, and to have your license renewed every two years. Although licensed therapists should consider purchasing insurance for massage therapy, it is currently not a requirement in the state in order for an individual to be able to practice.

Why buy a policy – In addition to shielding yourself against certain liabilities, theft or loss, and possible patient claims, a great massage practitioner insurance policy may be required to work in certain therapist offices. So, if you plan on working with a larger massage therapy office, or you plan on applying to a specific position, you have to check if there is a requirement for you to carry liability insurance. As a professional, it is good practice to carry an insurance policy. So, if you are an LMT in Iowa, although it is not required, it is highly advisable for you to purchase a policy to shield you from claims, possible threats, and other loss you might otherwise encounter during practice.



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Licensing Info

Number of credentialed practitioners in this state: 2,691

Phone: (515) 281-6959

Web Site:

Required Education: 500 hours

Written or Practical Exam: Written

Exam Administered: NCETMB or MBLEx

Renewal Fee: $120 every 2 years

CEUs Required: 24 every 2 years