Kansas Massage Liability Insurance Guidelines


Although licensed therapists are not currently required to carry a massage insurance policy for professional liability, it is a great policy to own as a licensed therapist. It is truly the only defense you have, if you do injure a client, or if something does go wrong while that client is at your practice and gets hurt. Although it is an additional cost, a Kansas massage practitioner insurance policy is well worth the cost to protect you from liability or negligence, to protect you from certain slip and fall and other injuries on your property, and you can even buy rental and equipment coverage, in the event something happens at your practice, and you would like to make sure you are protected.

In terms of educational requirements, it is currently a minimum of 500 hours in the classroom, prior to being able to sit in for the licensing exam. It is important to find a list of accredited schools and whether or not you can do any hours online, to ensure the hours you complete are going to count towards your licensing. Once you finish the hours, you can either sit in for the MBLEx, NCTEMB, or the NCETM, in order to receive your license. All therapists are also required to keep their license up to date in Kansas, and this has to be done every 2 years, for a cost of $75. Certain cities and municipalities also require an additional city license, so when you are getting your state license, make sure you inquire about this as well, to find out if there are additional requirements to have a distinct license in a city, and how often you are going to have to renew it. In addition to renewal, you must also complete 12 hours of CEUs, every 2 years, all which have to be completed in person, not online.

Due to the fact that certain cities require additional licensing, it is also a good idea to find out about massage liability insurance, and whether the minimum $1,000,000 liability coverage is required in any of the cities, in order for you to practice. With certain employers, and with larger practices, there is a requirement to have an insurance policy in place, at least for professional liability, so that the employer is not found guilty, in the event you do harm or possibly injure a client that comes in for a massage while you are on duty.

Current state regulations do not require it, but it is just smart practice to have, at a minimum, the $1,000,000 massage liability policy in place. It is a way to protect yourself if you are sued, and it is a way to ensure you are not going to have to pay costs out of pocket, if a client does claim you injured them. So, taking the time to find great deals, policy options, and lower rates, are some things that should be done when getting your licensing, so that you can save on a monthly premium cost for a policy.


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