Louisiana Massage Liability Insurance Guidelines

Massage practitioner insurance serves as a safety net for massage therapists to protect themselves against potential liabilities. Naturally, no one can control all circumstances, and certainly no one can control or predict the actions of every one of their massage clients.

Some states require that every massage professional carry insurance in order to obtain a license to practice. Even though the state of Louisiana requires massage liability insurance for you to be able to practice, it is still a good idea to have it. Remember that any reputable massage therapy insurance program will be able to provide you coverage against potential liabilities, which will protect you in your chosen career. A solid insurance program for LMTs will also offer reimbursement for the value of stolen goods, at least up to a certain dollar value.

If you live in Louisiana and would like to protect yourself from any liability arising from your massage practice, please contact MMIP. We are here for your professional liability (malpractice), general liability (trip and fall) and product coverages.


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Licensing Info

Phone: (225) 756-3488

Web Site: www.labmt.org

Required Education: 500 hours

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