Massachusetts Massage Liability Insurance Guidelines


As a massage therapist, being named in a malpractice suit is an unlikely event. However, the best massage practitioners are prepared for this unlikely event by carrying insurance. Traditionally, malpractice insurance is purchased by primary care physicians, surgeons and emergency room doctors who are in danger of being sued after an unsuccessful surgery or missed diagnosis. In an age where the economy remains in turmoil and US citizens seem content to sue when even the littlest thing goes wrong it is important to have the best protection possible. Don’t risk your career as a successful massage practitioner by not defending yourself through the purchase of insurance.

The best insurance for massage and bodywork will provide protection from professional inability, personal injury, general liability and products coverage. Most massage insurance plans in Massachusetts include coverage for at least $1 Million per occurrence and $2 Million aggregate. Hopefully, a touch therapist will never require the use of their insurance policy; however, with its affordable price and excellent coverage it is a no brainer to purchase. Most insurance companies will coverage therapists who practice sports massage, baby massage, deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, medical massage and more.

Individuals interested in becoming a massage therapist in Massachusetts must be licensed by the state. In order to obtain a license, a person must be at least eighteen years old and have either a GED or have graduated from high school. Currently, a person interested in becoming a massage therapy professional must have a minimum of 650 hours of massage education from an accredited school. While no written exam is required to obtain a license, it is recommended that candidates take a massage exam in the event that they move to another state or the MA state laws change. The initial cost of the license is $225 and the renewal fee is $150 per year. Additionally, practicing touch therapists are required to have a minimum of $1 Million per occurrence liability insurance and $1 Million in aggregate coverage. Clearly, the importance of having insurance is that without it, one cannot practice massage therapy in Massachusetts.

Not only is massage therapy insurance an important defense for LMTs against former patients, but also it is a requirement of Massachusetts law. Massage insurance may seem an unnecessary expense; however, it is necessary to ensure the legality of your practice. Compared to the cost and potential repercussions of being sued, paying a nominal fee for insurance coverage is a small price to pay.


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Licensing Info

Number of credentialed practitioners in this state: 9,090

Phone: (617) 727-1747

Web Site:

Required Education: 650 hours

Written or Practical Exam: N/A

Exam Administered: N/A

Renewal Fee: $150/yr

CEUs Required: N/A