MIssissippi Massage Liability Insurance Guidelines

mississippiIf you’re interested in becoming a massage therapist in Mississippi there are a lot of steps you will have to take to do so. Although it might require some work, it will definitely be worth it because this career is so rewarding. Most massage therapists absolutely love their careers and think that it’s worth the effort because of how much they enjoy each day on the job! Below you will find the information you need to become a licensed and insured massage therapist in Mississippi.

Becoming a Massage Therapist

Step 1. Education

There are several schools you can attend to get your education in massage therapy. Some of these include: Antonelli College, Blue Cliff College, Southwest MS Community College and Waldrip Center for Therapeutic Massage. You can find more information about schools that offer this type of education online. Once you choose a school, you will have to attend and complete the program according the rules and regulations.

Step 2. Exam

After you complete your education you will need to fill out the application for The Mississippi State Board of Massage Therapy. Just remember that 700 hours in a training program is required in the state of Mississippi before you can continue on. Once you do this, you will need to take the official exam for the state, which will require a criminal history check and FBI history check as well. If you do pass the exam and background checks, then you will be able to move forward in the process. Your license will be mailed to you so you will be able to get started working.

Step 3. Licensing and Renewal

Once you have your license, you will need to renew it 30 days prior to expiration. This will ensure that you are able to continue working without any problems. The cost of the license is $200 for individuals who live in the state and $300 for those who are from out-of-state. There’s also a $50 application fee and a $192 licensure charge every 2 years. Each certificate will cost you $25 and provisional permits are $30.

Do You Need Liability Insurance?

Massage therapists should consider massage therapy insurance for their profession, as this protects them from unforeseen circumstances. For example, if you were to massage someone and they blamed you for hurting them, insurance would be there to pay for costs associated with the claim. There are even some insurance policies that help cover expenses due to situations that you can’t control. Just like insurance for your car, professional insurance covers your career!

Insurance is something that most professionals should strongly consider, as this shows that they are serious about their profession. In fact, most massage practitioners get more clients as a result of being insured. There are a variety of companies that offer this and the costs/coverages vary for all. If you want to enjoy your career without worrying about something that might happen, then take a look at the plans that are available. Insurance could very well end up saving your career in the future, even if you didn’t think it would.


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