Missouri Massage Liability Insurance Guidelines

Massage liability insurance not only provides protection against unexpected lawsuits, but also demonstrates to clients that you take your massage practice seriously. No one can predict the future, and even the best massage practitioners may find themselves facing a legal claim. Accidents happen, after all, and that is why getting insurance coverage is important.

Some states require that every massage therapist carry insurance in order to obtain a license for massage therapy. Even though the state of Missouri requires massage practitioner insurance for you to be able to practice, you still have many options when finding a policy that will work for you. Remember to ask about what types of coverage a massage policy includes. The best policies will provide general, malpractice and product liability coverage.

You can find a solid policy under $200, generally. You may also want to ask if the insurance you get offers claims-made or occurrence-form coverage. Some less expensive policies may not give you what you need. Others may charge extra fees, so be sure to clarify what your bottom-line will be before signing up.

If you practice massage in Missouri and would like to protect yourself and your massage practice from some of life’s potential risks, please contact MMIP. We can help you secure the coverage you need to ensure a good night’s sleep for both you and your clients.


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