New Hampshire Massage Liability Insurance Guidelines

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When it comes to practicing massage therapy, few things can protect your practice as well as massage practitioner insurance. As a massage therapist, it is vital that you protect both yourself and your clients from any potential liability while they are in your care. In states like New Hampshire (NH), massage therapy is a strictly regulated field that ensures only qualified individuals are practicing within the state’s borders. In order to protect yourself and your practice, be sure to consider getting individual insurance coverage.

License Requirements for MTs

When it comes to licensing, NH has some of the strictest requirements in the northeast. Requiring 750 hours of curriculum from an approved program, candidates must have already attained national certification before they can submit an application. In addition to these basic education requirements, the state also requires a current First Aid and Adult CPR certification as well. Along with the application, there as an application fee along with the requirement that the application pass a national criminal background check. Once the application has been received, and approved, an individual is approved to work within the state.

In order to maintain a license in good standing, all registered massage therapists must renew their license every two years and pay their renewal fee. In addition, documentation must be provided that shows continuing education courses have been taken by the applicant totaling at least 12 hours.

MT Insurance in NH

While not required by law, insurance for massage practitioners is becoming increasingly popular in NH. Because of the strict requirements set forth by the state licensing board, many massage practitioners want to protect their investment in their work by purchasing liability insurance. These flexible plans come with a variety of different options to suit each individual practices needs. Whether you are practicing as an individual or with a group, protection against claims is vital.

With massage liability insurance, the insured can trust that a company with a track record of success in protecting their clients. This protection covers liability when clients allege malpractice or injury due to negligence of the insured. As these individual cases can become increasingly costly for MTs, protection against them is vital.

By carrying insurance as a massage practitioner, you can protect your practice and yourself from costly court fees and lawsuits from clients seeking monetary compensation as a result of your services. You will be able to rest easy knowing that an experienced and knowledgeable team is there to assist you, should any incident arise. As a result, you will be able to better focus on your practice and advancing your career as a massage professional.

As a massage therapist, you help ease many people’s daily burdens. In considering massage insurance, you can ensure that the burden of protecting yourself no longer sits solely in your hands. By working with professionals with a track record of success in protecting their customers, you can practice with the knowledge that you are protected with some of the best coverage in the industry.


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