North Dakota Massage Liability Insurance Guidelines

North DakotaIf you are interested in becoming an LMT in North Dakota, you have to know that there are certain requirements, not only for minimum hours of classes, but also for keeping your license up to date. There is no requirement in ND for having a policy in order to practice, but like any other state, and any other professional practice, having liability coverage is a good idea. At the very least, practitioners should look in to liability coverage in terms of injury, so that if they are sued by a client, or if they do actually injure a client, they are going to be covered.

In North Dakota, the minimum hour requirement is higher than it is in other states; all applicants who want to sit in for the licensing exam are going to have to complete a minimum of 750 hours, in special classes, before they are going to be able to take the licensing exam. Once the hours are completed, in an approved and accredited school, you will have to pass the appropriate licensing exam, which is the MBLEx or NCETMB, in order to receive a license to practice in the state. In addition to being licensed, it is also a requirement for all licensed therapists to renew their license every year, at a rate of $100; additionally, for those who renew their licenses after the cut-off date, there is a $50 penalty for late renewals. 32 hours of CEUs are also required annually, and a maximum of 12 of those hours can be completed online, for those who want to do so.

Depending on where you work, and the employer you work for, some employers might require all licensed therapists to carry a massage insurance coverage, at least for liability coverage. If you own your own practice, or plan to open your own practice, it is important to consider a policy as well. Not only do clients want to know you are licensed and insured, they are also going to feel more comfortable with a therapist that is covered, and is going to be able to cover the cost, if something does happen while they are getting massaged. Although it is not required by the state, it is good practice and policy to consider purchasing an insurance policy, whether it is liability protection, personal injury (on site injuries like slip and fall), and rental coverage, to ensure you are covered.

There is no telling when a client is going to claim you injured them, and will attempt to sue you and put you out of business. So, although it is not a state requirement to have a massage practitioner policy for personal liability, as a licensed therapist, it is surely in your best interest. So, before you purchase, it is a good idea to compare rates, what you get for the rates, and the type of coverage you are interested in, to ensure you are fully protected from any form of liability.


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