Oklahoma Massage Liability Insurance Guidelines


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Insurance coverage provides a safety-net for massage therapists and safeguards them against liabilities. Various states oblige every massage professional to carry an insurance policy in order to acquire their license. The state of Oklahoma requires massage liability insurance for approval to practice as a massage therapist (MT). A reputable MT insurance program will offer professional, general, and product liability coverage, along with additional benefits like stolen coverage or a free professional website.

The ten-county district bordering Oklahoma City is inside the south-central area, which is estimated to expand by 44% in 25 years’ time. This projection is certainly worth considering for anyone interested in massage therapy training in Oklahoma. In addition, the price of conducting business in Oklahoma is one of the most economical in the United States; moreover, the state has a vigorous inducement program to assist qualifying businesses.


Licensing in Oklahoma

Contact your local City Business Licensing Organization to obtain information on your Massage Licensure requirements.

Various cities in Oklahoma have differing criteria for licensing; each individual must comply with the conditions of the city they wish to work in. There are three types of licenses: Technician, Therapist, and Technician with Restriction. Evidence of schooling must be presented from an acknowledged institution along with past license history, employment history, and a criminal-background check.

The American Massage Therapy Association in Oklahoma requires MTs to have a license for each city they work in. Therefore, traveling massage professionals must be prepared to carry a number of licenses in their attaché case.



Complete Coverage in 5 Minutes!