Rhode Island Massage Liability Insurance Guidelines

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Whether you run your own massage business or work for a physician, chiropractor or spa in Rhode Island, insurance is important for all massage therapists (MTs). RI massage insurance protects you and your business against law suits and malpractice claims. The policy pays for legal fees and any judgments against you up to the insured amount. In RI, massage professionals are not required to have insurance. But it’s recommendable to buy coverage, given the huge benefits you can get from such a policy and the reasonable prices usually offered by insurers.

State Licensing Requirements for Professional MTs

In order to be licensed to practice, massage practitioners must undergo a minimum of 500 hours of instruction at an accredited institution in the state. They also need to obtain a minimum of 300 points on the NCETMB to qualify for a license. In addition, students are required to take an examination that tests their knowledge of health and regulations in the state.

Importance of Insurance

While working as a massage therapist in RI makes for a great career that could allow you the freedom of working for yourself, it involves some degree of risk, just like any profession that deals with public health and requires regular, intimate contact with clients. The clients’ health and the physicality involved often make a recipe for a lawsuit. Claims for aggravation and abuse by clients against their massage therapists are not uncommon. Beyond that, a client may trip over the carpet and become injured or receive an injury while getting off the massage table. A client could also develop adverse effects due to massage creams or oil. Without massage therapy insurance, a legal claim arising from any of these situations can cost your business thousands of dollars and reputation, which could even force you to close shop.

To provide peace of mind and crucial support for MTs and their businesses, insurers provide four basic massage practitioner insurance plans: general, professional, product, and rental premises liability insurance. General liability (or slip/trip and fall) insurance protects your business, personal property, reputation and source of income in the event of an accident, where a client slips and falls, suffering an injury that leads to a legal claim. Without general liability insurance coverage, you can be personally sued for medical bills and loss of future earnings – which could see you lose anything you own, including your business.

Professional insurance (or malpractice coverage) plan protects you from medical malpractice claims or claims made against the work you do. The insurer will provide you with enough support, including paying for your legal defense, if a client sues you alleging wrong doing on your part. The company will also pay the court costs and any judgments against you up the sum insured. Product insurance
provides you coverage against potential liabilities in the event products, such as massage oils and creams, used during massage cause an adverse effect or an injury to a client. Premises insurance protects you and your business from claims involving property damage or bodily injury caused by an accident or mishap inside a rental property. If you’re sued or damages are filed against you, the policy covers the attorney expenses, court fees, any settlement or judgment, and medical expenses.


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Licensing Info

Number of credentialed practitioners in this state: 1,032

Phone: (401) 222-2828

Web Site: http://www.health.ri.gov

Required Education: 500 hours

Written or Practical Exam: Written

Exam Administered; NCETMB, NCETM or MBLEx

Renewal Fee: $50 each year

CEUs Required: 0