South Dakota Massage Liability Insurance Guidelines

When considering practicing therapeutic massage in South Dakota, one of the few things people often overlook is the importance of South Dakota massage insurance. While most people focus on the many different statutes and regulations imposed by the South Dakota Board of Massage Therapy, few people consider what is actually involved after they obtain their license. As a result, many massage therapists leave their practice open to lawsuits and dangerous claims that could easily drive them out of business.

South Dakota License Requirements

In thinking about practicing in South Dakota, the first things to consider are the requirements to obtain a license. The first thing to obtain is a certified education of at least 500 hours from a recognized facility. This training must include coursework in: anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, pathology, as well as massage theory and application. In addition, there must training in a complementary field to massage, as well as ten hours of business and ethics education. Once a candidate has received their required education hours, they must also pass one of the recognized national examinations. In order to have a license remain in good standing, eight hours of continuing education must be completed every two years.

Massage Therapy Insurance

Once a license has been obtained, it is time to start practicing. In South Dakota, just like anywhere else in the country, practitioners are increasingly looking towards insurance coverage for massage to protect their investment in their work. Any practice is open to claims of injury and malpractice, no matter what the field of medicine or therapy. As a massage practitioner, you work with individuals who may be injured or experience pain. In order to protect yourself and your practice from financial hardship and claims, consider getting an LMT insurance policy.

In addition to financial protection, individuals and practices can also find comfort in knowing that South Dakota massage insurance comes with an experienced team to help handle any claim. These teams are knowledgeable not only with claims, but can help advise clients and protect them in case legal proceedings are brought about.

With any claim or legal process, costs can skyrocket at a moment’s notice; liability insurance for massage therapists protects practitioners and gives them peace of mind so they can practice with ease. This insurance not only protects you and your business, but also protects your clients as well. These policies are a great way to ensure that your clients receive the best treatments and therapies available, without the danger of injury or bodily harm.

No massage practitioner wants to think about the potential of causing harm to their clients. Every practitioner in South Dakota has received extensive training to provide the utmost care to their clients. By opting to protect yourself and your investment in your education, you can ensure that your practice is secure and that you will be able to practice with peace of mind. Obtaining an education and a license is not an inexpensive in South Dakota, protect your investment with the best liability insurance for your practice and yourself.


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