Tennessee Massage Liability Insurance Guidelines

tennesseeTennessee has a number of requirements for massage therapists before the latter can legally practice in the state. These include passing the board massage licensure of the state, application for massage therapist license, the required units in a massage school, and favorable results for the national exam for massage therapists.

Massage insurance is not mandatory for licensing, although individual establishments may require their employees to be covered before they can start working.

Reasons to Get Massage and Bodywork Insurance

It is practical for any professional, even massage therapists to get coverage. Despite the fact that massage services are not likely to result to serious or life threatening injuries to the client, unexpected injuries can still occur. Clients can file suits even if it is highly unlikely that the professional was negligent in his duties. Any lawsuit will cost any person money, especially since lawsuits can also prevent a person from attending regularly to his job. The financial consequences of a lawsuit is not often favorable to the one being sued, so professionals need to have the right financial coverage to help them recover after the lawsuit has been decided by the courts.

Aside from this type of coverage, the best massage insurance policies will also cover stolen items. Finally, professionals can also benefit from numerous freebies that are given to them when they sign up with certain insurance companies. Free services such as free websites and listings for advertising the business are just some of the perks that a professional massage therapist can get when she signs up for insurance.

Coverage Offered by Professional Massage Therapy Policies

Massage practitioner insurance covers a variety of professionals as long as they are included in the field such as those who perform reflexology, movement therapy and even dance instruction.

Professionals also have the option of getting general insurance for any accidents that can occur in the workplace that could result to client injuries such as slips and falls due to a slippery floor or clutter around the therapy area, for example. Professional insurance or malpractice insurance is useful for specific lawsuits predicated upon the negligence or lack of skill of the therapist. Product insurance is another option since it covers any injuries that may have been caused by the use of products that caused allergic and other untoward reactions. Other kinds of liability that can arise out of the therapist’s practice of her profession will be covered by insurance.

Massage liability insurance is one of the essential things any licensed therapist should have when she practices. With it comes the assurance that despite any uncertainty in the workplace, he or she is covered for any potential liability that could arise. It also assures clients that they will be rightly compensated if they suffer losses or injuries while they are undergoing massage therapy.


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