Utah Professional Massage and Bodywork Insurance


Most massage practitioners can practice without insurance but more and more establishments are requiring their therapists to procure liability or professional insurance for adequate coverage nonetheless. Massage insurance is coverage for professional and product liability to protect the therapist from the financial consequences of lawsuits. Here are some reasons why getting massage insurance if you want to practice in Utah makes sense.

State Requirements for Practice

The state of Utah does not require its LMTs to practice with insurance. The usual qualifications for practice in the state is a certification for finishing a set number of apprenticeship hours or instruction hours before he or she can take the national licensure examination and the Utah State Rule and Law examination. The national examination will cover areas like anatomy and physiology, therapeutic massage assessment, principles and standards. As soon as the professional is given a license, he or she is eligible to practice in the State.

Kinds of Insurance for Massage Therapists

Massage therapists in Utah can enjoy coverage when they buy massage practitioner insurance which is a part of general insurance to protect the professional from legal claims as long as such claims are covered by the policy. Although massage therapy is not an extremely hazardous occupation, accidents can still occur in the workplace which could result to injury to clients. Resulting injuries can give rise to legal claims.

Without insurance, the therapist is left to fight these claims with his own money, which could produce negative professional and economic consequences to him later on.

Kinds of Insurance

The most common kinds of liability insurance include professional liability or malpractice, general liability or coverage for the usual trips and falls, product liability to cover the therapist in case clients suffer adverse reactions to massage products, as well as additional coverage. Experts recommend getting general insurance to get you started with basic coverage if you cannot afford other policies just yet. There are insurance companies that offer bonus coverage for those who take multiple policies such as coverage for missing valuables, free professional websites, free listings, and the like.

When to Take Out Massage Therapy Insurance

An insurance policy will provide adequate coverage for legal claims to avoid financial ruin in the event of lawsuits. A therapist should buy insurance as soon as he starts his practice to ensure full coverage for every day of practice. There are instances where the establishment itself will require its therapists to procure insurance as a requirement for hiring, so applicants must have insurance ready before they can be eligible for the position.

More and more therapists are seeing liability insurance as one of the essentials to cover as they prepare for professional practice. Massage practitioner insurance can provide the right coverage needed to protect a massage therapist from the financial damage she might suffer if she gets into a lawsuit. Even if the potential for accidents is slim, the presence of comprehensive coverage for unexpected eventualities can give any therapist the peace of mind she needs to work and practice in Utah with confidence.


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