Vermont Massage Liability Insurance Guidelines

Professional liability insurance is essential for all massage therapists (MTs) in Vermont, just like with other public health practitioners. Being a massage therapist involves some degree of risk. Each day you deal with clients with different states of physical well being in a high-contact modality. There is no way to know if using certain massage techniques or massage products may affect your clients, which could be subjects of lawsuit. To put it simply, you can never tell what can happen in the future and what your clients may complain about. It is, therefore, a wise idea for you to get Vermont massage insurance coverage. So if things don’t turn out for the better, the insurance will be there to give you the much-needed protection and assistance.

Licensing Requirements for Massage Practitioners in Vermont

The state of Vermont doesn’t have any licensing requirements for MTs. But therapists often obtain a license with FSMTB or certification through the NCBTMB after graduation in order to qualify for employment in specific establishments and to ensure they continue their career if they ever move out of state.

Why Is It Important To Carry Massage Practitioner Insurance?

While it’s not mandatory for a massage therapist to have insurance, it’s always recommended; not just because it is quite affordable, but it’s a great way to protect your livelihood. If a client slips and falls and is injured as a result, you could be held liable for their medical expenses and even wages or future income; if a client develops an adverse reaction to massage oil, cream or lotion, you’re at risk of being personally sued; what happens when your work causes an injury or aggravates a pre-existing injury?

As a professional, you usually strive to do your best to help clients and would never intentionally do the wrong thing, but an accident can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. By not having massage insurance, you’re taking a big chance.

Without proper legal assistance and support, a successful claim for medical expenses, wages, or future loss of income by a client could easily put your career on the line.

Apart from messing up your finances, an injury or medical malpractice claim can ruin your reputation, completely wrecking your chances of enjoying a successful career.

But if you carry massage therapy insurance, your insurance carrier will cover legal fees, court costs and even pay your claim, allowing your business to remain intact. Whether you are an independent contractor working in your own office, an employee of a spa, chiropractor or physician, or you travel to people’s homes or offices, insurance protection is a necessary addition to your professional practice.


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