Washington Massage Liability Insurance Guidelines


Clients can come to you with a broad range of issues from injuries to stress related tension. Just like any other business, it is important for you as a practitioner to be covered for any liability or issue that may occur. While it is true you hope to never have use liability insurance, it is important that you can practice confidently knowing that you have ample resources behind you. Along with having adequate coverage, it is also important to be fully up to date with all of the licensure requirements in the state of Washington.

Types of Massage Practitioner Insurance

Professional massage therapist insurance coverage can cover a wide range of claims. From personal injury on the job to any liability for personal or property claims, these policies are there to protect you and your practice. Coverage levels can vary from provider to provider as can the premiums, so be sure you are looking at one’s that are suitable for you and your practice’s needs. Because these policies cover such a wide array of issues for practitioners, they are becoming increasingly popular in the massage therapist community. Insured practitioners can confidently practice knowing that they have ample coverage to meet their needs.

Washington State Requirements

While Washington does not require massage insurance, it does require many other things of massage practitioners practicing within their borders. All therapists must hold and conspicuously display their license in their practice, as well as include their license number on any advertisements. In order to apply for a license in the state of Washington, a therapist must have graduated from a state approved school or
apprenticeship program as well as the completion of a full criminal background check. All practitioners must also complete four hours of HIV/AIDS training, as well as take 24 hours of continuing education in order to maintain good standing with their licensure. Applicants for a license from out of state must wait until a license is issued by the state of Washington before practicing. Washington has very strict rules and regulations in regards to the massage industry, be sure to contact the State Department of Health with any questions or concerns.

Most people seek out insurance to cover every aspect of their life including life insurance, car insurance, home and renters insurance among others. Why shouldn’t you and your business be covered as well? Liability claims and personal injuries can happen to anyone on the job and cost many thousands of dollars as well as time off from practicing. Don’t be caught off guard, enroll in a massage liability insurance program today.


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Licensing Info

Number of credentialed practitioners in this state: 13,895

Phone: (360) 236-4700

Web Site: http://www.doh.wa.gov/massage

Required Education: 500 hours in addition to certification in American Red Cross first aid and American Heart Association CPR or the equivalent

Written or Practical Exam: Written

Exam Administered: NCETMB or MBLEx

Renewal Fee: $90 each year

CEUs Required: 24 every 2 years