Wisconsin Massage Liability Insurance Guidelines


Although not many states require licensed therapists to have an insurance policy in place to practice, since the requirements changed in 2009 in Wisconsin, and the state required all massage therapists (MTs) to become licensed, it also became a requirement for all therapists practicing to hold a Wisconsin massage insurance policy as well.

Although online professional liability (malpractice liability) is required, it is a good idea to consider personal liability (for claims such as slip and fall accidents), as well as property damage coverage, and possible rental property coverage, in the event something happens to the property.

Licensing requirements –

In 2009 it became a requirement that all MTs practicing in Wisconsin must hold a license in order to practice. With this requirement comes the requirement that 600 hours of coursework be completed, prior to any applicant being able to sit in, so that they can take the licensing exam. The 600 hours can be completed in any of the listed schools in the state, or if coursework has been completed in a different state, or if an applicant holds a license from a different state, it is possible for them to forego the 600 hours, and possibly sit in for the exam via the reciprocity rules (depending on how much time they practiced as an LMT in the state they used to live in).

The licensing exams –

For those who are going to sit in for the licensing exam, you must pass either the MBLEx or the NCETMB, or the NCCAOM, in order to receive proof of licensing, which will allow you the right to practice as an MT in the state. Laws, rules, and regulations in the state are tested on; additionally, certain exam questions might cover topics including technique, kinesiology, and other aspects of practicing as a massage professional.

Renewal requirements –

Once an LMT in the state of Wisconsin, therapists will have to renew their license every two years, and this process is done through an online portal. Depending on the type of business you plan on working for, and the city that you live in, there might also be a requirement to attain a city license, in order to work as a massage practitioner in the location. So, prior to beginning a new position, or starting your own practice in a specific locality, it is important to find out whether or not you are required to have a separate license to practice in the city; and, if so, how often you have to renew it, and what the costs are to keep that license.

Although you only need to purchase the minimum massage liability insurance policy that protects you from professional liability claims, it is a good idea to consider full coverage options. Not only does this shield you from any form of liability or claims, but you can also find great rates when you purchase a full coverage policy, and take the time to compare the many professional insurance providers in the state and city that you practice in.


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Licensing Info

Number of credentialed practitioners in this state: 1,963

Phone: (608) 266-2112

Web Site: http://www.drl.wi.gov

Required Education: 600 hours

Written or Practical Exam: Written

Exam Administered: NCBTMB, NCBTM, MBLEx or the NCCAOM

Renewal Fee: $75 every 2 years

CEUs Required: 0