As a professional massage therapist or bodyworker, you may still be struggling to understand why you might need massage insurance coverage in the first place. After all, liability insurance is only necessary for those folks who run the risk of possibly being sued by a patient, client or customer for some kind of damage or injury—and it is tough to imagine a massage therapy or bodywork client ever filing such a claim against the hands on practitioner.
However, the fact of the matter is that massage insurance coverage exists to protect massage therapists and bodyworkers not against common occurrences, but against the rare chance that a client one day does decide to sue for damage or injury for some reason, whether or not that reason is a good one. It is important to realize that even though the odds of one of your clients suing you for damage or injury may be incredibly low, there is still a chance it could happen.

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For this reason, it is key that massage therapists and bodyworkers secure the right massage insurance coverage policy before opening the doors to their practice. Fortunately, because the risk of a client filing a claim for damage or injury against a massage therapist or bodyworker is rather low, the price for a high quality massage therapy liability policy is rather low as well.

For less than a couple hundred dollars per year, professional massage therapists and bodyworkers can have solid massage insurance coverage policy that allows them to rest easy, knowing they are covered in case that rare occurrence ever does unfold. With a high quality massage therapy liability insurance policy, the practitioner will receive coverage for malpractice, product and general liability.

If you are still struggling to understand why you, as a professional massage therapist or bodyworker, might need massage insurance coverage, then it may be necessary for you to realize that there is some risk involved in running a massage therapy or bodywork practice.

First of all, and perhaps most important, there is always the chance that one of your clients could have an accident on the property of your practice or inside your session room. Obviously, this has nothing to do with your skills as a massage therapist or bodyworker, but it could still result in a legal claim.

For example, if one of your clients happens to slip, trip or fall on the property of your practice or inside your session room, and that client suffers a broken arm, wrist, leg or ankle, you could be facing a legal claim where you would be asked to compensate that client for the damage or injury. In this example, you would need the general liability portion of your massage insurance coverage policy to kick in and provide the proper coverage.

The other risks inherent to running a massage therapy practice could include a client who suffers an allergic reaction to your massage lubricant, or a client who believes the techniques you used in the session room led to the exacerbation of an existing injury.

Hopefully, with these examples, it is now clear to you why professional massage therapists and bodyworkers need to secure massage insurance coverage.