California Massage Liability Insurance Guidelines

California has a voluntary certification granted by the California Massage Therapy Council. They require 250 hours for a CMP (Certified Massage Practitioner), with 100 hours in physiology and anatomy, health and hygiene, contraindications, and business and ethics, from approved schools. For the designation of CMT (Certified Massage Therapist), California requires 500 or more hours, with 250 from approved schools and the remainder from either approved schools or continuing education providers.

California State Licensing Requirements for Massage Practitioners

No state-wide licensing requirements exist; however, each local jurisdiction within the state may have different massage permit requirements or business license requirements.


California Requirements for Massage Insurance

While no state-wide mandates are currently in place, securing insurance protection is a sound business decision and may be required in order to work in certain locations by landlords, employers, or local jurisdictions.

As a professional bodyworker, insurance coverage is very important to your business. It doesn’t matter if you are working as an employee or as an independent contractor, whether you work part time or full time, or whether or not you work from home, you still encounter risks when you deal with the general public.

Regardless of the high quality of your clients or the strength of your skills as a massage professional, someone can come in for a massage and ultimately sue you for damages they claim while in your care. An incident may or may not be your fault, and yet you still may be sued. The truth is that no one can predict what may happen in life.

Benefits of massage therapy insurance:

  • It provides you and your customers with peace of mind
  • It enhances your professional reputation
  • It protects your future business earnings
  • It protects you against the day-to-day risks of your job
  • It protects your personal assets
  • It may be an employer or landlord requirement
  • No matter who you know, who you are, or how professional you are, you can be named in a claim
  • An insurance policy provides you with protection at a low cost

Therapists’ insurance is very important, and it should be purchased prior to practicing to ensure maximum peace of mind. The best programs will include professional, general, and product liability coverage, along with additional benefits.

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Certification Info

Number of credentialed practitioners in this state: 24,400

Phone: (916) 669-5336

Web Site:

Required Education: 250 hours for CMP; 500 hours for CMT

Written or Practical Exam: Not required

Exam Administered: NCETMB, NCETM and MBLEx recognized

Renewal Fee: $150/biennial

CEUs Required: N/A