Kentucky Massage Liability Insurance Guidelines

kentuckyWhen it comes time to apply for a massage therapist license in the state of Kentucky, many people have quite a few questions about the process and what can be done to protect the investment in their education. The state of Kentucky has rigid requirements for anyone wishing to obtain or renew their license within the borders of the state. As a result, many people wish to protect their license and their practice. The best way for most people to do this is through the purchase of Kentucky massage insurance.

For those looking to obtain a license for the first time in Kentucky, they must first be able to provide proof of graduation from a program that aligns with the designated curriculum requirements. These requirements include 35 hours of general course work, 40 hours of pathology, a minimum of 200 hours for body work technique and theory, as well as 125 hours of anatomy and physiology. The final course requirement is a minimum of 200 hours of business related to massage practice. In addition to the application and certified transcript reflecting completion of the above requirements, the state also requires official proof of passage of a national certification exam. These exams can be either the MBLEx, NESL, or NCBTMB exam.

For those applying for a license who already hold a license in another state, the requirements are different. Applicants with prior credentials are considered to be in one of two categories: applicants from states with equivalent requirements or applicants from states with lesser requirements. Those with equivalent requirements can submit their application with verified credentials to the certifying board. Those with lesser requirements must prove that they have met the requirements required by the state of Kentucky.

Just as the state tries to protect its citizens by having strict license requirements, you should try to protect yourself and your investment in your education. The best way to do this is through investing in massage therapy insurance. These programs are designed to help massage therapists (MTs) across the country in protecting themselves in case of any potential loss. These losses can come from things like client injuries and lawsuits, to other liability issues for your practice.

As a massage practitioner, you never know when a situation or incident may pose a potential liability for you and your practice. After the rigorous training and education required for licensing in Kentucky, it is safe to say that massage practitioners know what they are doing. However, due to the wide array of treatments and therapies conducted, you never know how a client may react. Don’t risk losing your investment by not protecting yourself and your practice. Trust in the seasoned experience of professionals who have worked with the massage therapy industry in a wide variety of cases. This experience will help ensure that you are able to practice in a worry-free environment and focus on helping each individual client.

Applicants for licensing in Kentucky, along with current MTs alike, can both benefit from the protection of having massage practitioner insurance. Don’t let your profession go unprotected; see what these insurance policies can do for your practice today.


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Licensing Info

Number of credentialed practitioners in this state: 2,500

Phone: (502) 564-3296, ext. 240

Web Site:

Required Education: 600 hours

Written or Practical Exam: N/A

Exam Administered: NCBTMB, MBLEx or approved by board

Renewal Fee: $100 every 2 years ($150 and $200 late fee)

CEUs Required: 24 every 2 years (3 must be in professional ethics)

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