Thank you for your interest in our $1,000,000 of liability coverage for $10

We have put this program on pause due to the feedback we received regarding students wanting
higher limits, occurrence form coverage, and guaranteed coverage for a full year.

Since our commitment at Insurance Plus is to providing the best coverage for the lowest rates
we have created a student program for only $25 that does all of the above.

  • Professional & General Liability Insurance:$2 Million Per Occurrence
  • $3 Million individual aggregate
  • $2 Million Products and completed operations individual annual aggregate
  • Occurrence Form Coverage
  • Twelve full months of coverage
  • PLUS Rental Damage Coverage $100,000
  • PLUS Identity Theft Protection $25,000
  • PLUS Stolen Equipment Coverage $1,000
  • FREE Professional Website
  • FREE Monthly Newsletter
  • FREE Directory Listing
  • Exclusive Member Discounts on products, study guides, CEUs and more!

*Students are still required to sign up prior to their graduation date
and must not be a professional in any discipline that Insurance Plus covers