Through Massage Magazine Insurance Plus, your massage liability insurance policy protects you and your practice, and provides perks and benefits that other liability insurance companies don’t offer. Some of these benefits include practicing 350+ massage modalities with confidence in knowing you are completely covered from liability and malpractice and receiving free newsletters. Plus, we offer a free professional website, and complementary access to MASSAGE Magazine’s CE library. Compare MMIP to the competition and see why our massage liability insurance outweighs other massage insurance companies. Call us for our affordable rate of $159 per year, or complete our online application for instant coverage.

Massage Liability Insurance Comparison Grid




Annual Fee
$159 Professional
$25 Student (12 Months)
Graduate Rate: $89
Occurrence Form Coverage Yes Yes Yes
Hour Qualification
500 hours
500 hrs – Prof. or Certified
100 hrs – Practitioner level
Required CE hours
48/4 years
16/2 years Certified level
Professional Liability Insurance (Malpractice)
$2M per occurrence $3M individual annual aggregate
$2M per occurrence $6M individual annual aggregate ($10M shared)
$2M per occurrence $6M individual annual aggregate
General Liability Insurance (Trip & Fall)
$2M per occurrence $3M individual annual aggregate $2M per occurrence $6M individual annual aggregate ($10M shared) $2M per occurrence $6M individual annual aggregate
Products Individual Annual Aggregate
($10M shared)
$6 Million
CE Hours Included
Rental Damage Coverage
$100,000 (Fire/Water Legal Liability) General Liability limits may apply
$100,000 (Fire/Water Legal Liability) General Liability limits may apply
Stolen Equipment $1,000 Optional—add $100 Optional—add $95
Identity Protection Plan Yes Optional—10% discount on Lifelock No

NOTE: The information in this comparison has been gathered from the websites of each organization and other third party sources, such as No guarantee or assurance is made by MMIP as to the accuracy or completeness of this information.

The Most Coverage at the Lowest Cost

As outlined in the grid above, MMIP stands out from the competition. From complete professional liability coverage to freebies for your touch therapy practice – MMIP’s massage liability insurance proves to not only be the most affordable liability and malpractice insurance, but also the most beneficial. We provide massage therapists with the most comprehensive coverage at the lowest cost, along with offering $1,000 in stolen equipment and identity protection – both at no additional cost – MMIP is the clear choice. Get peace of mind that you have gotten the most value for your money when you get insured with MMIP. As a professional in the massage industry serving the needs of others, you deserve to have a solid insurance program to rely on in the event of an unexpected and unfortunate occurrence. Even the best massage therapists may encounter a lawsuit. Choose MMIP and be supported with the best massage insurance available. Learn why so many practicing massage therapists choose MMIP’s massage liability insurance compared to the competition – call or contact Massage Magazine Insurance Plus today!

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